Once again, Q Associates has achieved an outstanding report following their ISO9001 audit with NQA their certification body.

The auditor commented that there is a ‘good system of control’ and made ‘a positive recommendation for continued registration’.

Q Associates achieved the ISO9002 quality standard in 1996 and employed Rebecca Russell, founder of Stepping Stones for Business Ltd, on a consultancy basis in 2002 to help them achieve the ISO9001 standard. Rebecca continues to provide quality consultancy and acts as Q Associates’ ‘competent person’ for safety advice through monthly visits to the company.

Jane Sampson, Operations and Business Systems Manager for Q Associates commented: ‘Rebecca keeps us on track with scheduled audits for both ISO9001 and safety. Having regular visits and a second pair of eyes ensures that our quality and safety systems are up-to-date and reflect our current working practices.’

Q Associates is an award winning independent provider of integrated IT infrastructure and data management solutions. They specialise in the design, deployment and management of enterprise computing environments and have extensive experience working within the commercial, public and academic sectors. In partnership with their suppliers, their aim is to deliver maximum value through IT excellence.