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Customer Survey – They Love Me, They Love Me Not!

So do they love you?  And how do you know?  Quite simply there’s really only one way to find out – ask them!  Good communication with your customers is one of the most important tools in understanding and developing your business.  It starts with asking what they want in the first place, and then checking […]

Hey Ho – here comes the snow

The Met Office reported that November’s snowfall was the earliest widespread fall of snow in the UK since 1993. Following the chaos caused by last winter’s snowfalls it doesn’t bode well for the coming months. Health and safety once more became the excuse for virtually every decision and a lot of misinformation was perpetuated. As […]

When did you last read yours?

Yes! – When did you last read your Highway Code? A quick glance at the back of the current edition shook me when I recognised the cover of the 1969 edition! No I’m not THAT old, but it does give the game away a bit, not least that I haven’t read the Highway Code for […]

The Cost of Chaos

If I were to tell you that you could save significant time and money by implementing something very simple and inexpensive, you would be keen to read on.  If, however, I were to start talking about ‘records’ and ‘document control’, I can almost hear the collective groan!  Why is it that we all dread the […]