ISO9001:2015 – guarantees a competitive edge

ISO9001:2015 is the international benchmark for quality. Recognised throughout the world as defining the culture and values of a company, it sends a clear message to your suppliers that your company has a structured approach to process management. When tendering for large contracts in both the public and private sector, ISO9001:2015 certification ensures that you won’t be thrown on the reject pile at the first sift. It guarantees a competitive edge.

Quality – it’s not just for the big companies

There are many reasons why a company wants to achieve and maintain ISO9001. We have clients with over 40 million pounds in turnover where it’s an essential requirement for their business, however ISO9001:2015 isn’t just for large companies or the service industry. We have clients with just a handful of employees who have recognised that ISO9001 would provide the structure in which they could build their business management process. ISO9001 provides a measurable baseline from which you can develop and grow your company.

Process mapping for future development

Quality systems don’t just mean achieving the ISO9001 standard. One of the long-term goals of many companies is to achieve the standard, but they don’t have the resources or the immediate need. Process mapping can help to establish clear, workable procedures in a framework that can be developed into ISO9001 when the time is right. There are other standards too, such as the Business Excellence Model, Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma that provide a measurable, quality framework.

Improving your customer and supplier communication

Having a quality management system isn’t just about a tick-in-the-box. It improves customer and supplier communication; it ensures that staff are engaged in the whole process; it reduces mistakes; it makes training of new staff easier; it provides the route to continuous improvement and business excellence; it provides the framework for the ever increasing need to manage processes – whether it’s supplier selection or  disaster planning procedures, it also provides a hook so that the procedures hang together logically.

Tailor made solutions for your company

We don’t just help you to achieve ISO9001; we offer ongoing support through internal audit, second party audit, continuous improvement and training. We don’t believe that one-size-fits all. What we do believe is that every company is unique and has different needs, and we can provide tailor made solutions to meet your individual requirements. From small steps to great steps, we are with you all the way.

Flexible contracts and a personalised service

We can work with you on a project basis or a fixed term contract and we won’t lock you into a contract. Even our fixed term contract gives you an option for one month’s notice. We will adapt to your needs, and as your company grows we will work alongside you, helping you to achieve your vision.

Small Steps for Quality

We offer a cost effective solution for small businesses who need help with identifying and mapping their processes.

For a set monthly fee, over eight months, we will:

  • visit your company for two half-day sessions and facilitate process mapping workshops with staff, or meet on a one-to-one basis
  • provide an overview of the findings
  • mentor you whilst you draft the procedures and advise on best practice
  • allocate you your own Account Manager and provide a helpline
  • hold a ½ hour monthly progress conference call
  • send you ‘Touchstone’, our Stepping Stones for Business newsletter

With a set monthly fee you know how much your quality management will cost and if there’s an emergency or if you need some extra help we can offer extra time through our Great Steps, bespoke services.

Great Steps for Quality

Some companies don’t have the time or the resources to write their own processes and procedures. Others either want to achieve ISO9001 certification or already have the standard but need help with internal audits and process improvement.

Extra Steps

Stepping Stones for Business can provide a simple or comprehensive quality management systems manual, written around your business. We don’t believe in the principle of one-size fits all. That’s what makes us different.

If you don’t have the time to write your own processes and procedures, for a set fee, we will write them for you. We will take any procedures and check lists you have already and work them into a more formal system.

If your aim is to have a set of procedures to share with staff and improve service level and communication we will provide a logical set of procedures based on current practice. If your long-term goal is to achieve ISO9001 we will prepare the procedures so that, when you are ready, you can take the procedures to the next level without re-inventing the system.

ISO9001 Support

Policies, Processes and Procedures

Working closely with you and your staff we will prepare your procedures based around your business, but in a format that satisfies the requirements of ISO9001. We will provide in-house training for your staff on the principles of ISO9001. We will provide you with one hard copy version of your procedures and an electronic copy for you to hold and maintain on your system.


We will carry out internal audits and ensure that when you are preparing for your external assessment, you and your staff are ready.

External Assessment

We will be with you on the day of the assessment to guide you through the process and help to answer any questions raised by the auditor and, if necessary, advice on any corrective actions raised.

On-going ISO9001 support

After the assessment you may choose to train someone in-house for the role of quality manager or continue to receive support from Stepping Stones for Business. We can provide on-going support with:

  • maintenance of the Quality Management System
  • internal audits
  • Quality Management Review Meetings
  • Continuous Improvement activities
  • measurement and analysis
  • changes to the standard
  • changes in legislation that might impact on your business processes
  • tender submissions


We offer:

  • in-house ISO9000 Awareness Training
  • Internal Auditor Training – Distance learning

With Great Steps you pick and mix the services you need for your company. We work on short-term projects or long term contracts and prices will vary depending on the service you require.

Why Choose SSFB?

  • ISO9001:2015 – guarantees a competitive edge
  • Quality – it’s not just for big companies
  • A route to continuous improvement and excellence
  • Tailor made solutions for your company
  • Flexible contracts
  • Personalised service

Did you know?

Did you know that Norwich Union Risk Services estimates that uninsured losses from accidents in smaller firms add up to £315 per employee per year?

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